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Cradlepoint Sees SD-WAN Opening

In the world of SD-WANs, vendors and service providers alike are looking for ways to differentiate. In the case of Cradlepoint, however, it turns out their differentiation has brought them into the world of SD-WANs. Cradlepoint Inc. has capitalized on the growing popularity of LTE wireless service as a failover for business continuity.

Dredge manufacturer utilizes LTE connectivity for distributed network

While pirates and sea-based accidents might not draw much attention from most enterprises, they're occupational hazards for DSC Dredge LLC, a dredging supply company headquartered in Reserve, LA. With operations in 40 states and more than 40 countries -- including ones where piracy remains a valid threat -- managing DSC Dredge's 3G cellular-based WAN infrastructure used to connect the dredging machines was a constant challenge, said Richard Groce, the company's IT director.

Next-Generation WAN: Connecting People, Places and Things

Doyle Research

A new set of cloud-delivered and Software-defined Networking (SDN) technologies, including Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) and Software-defined Perimeter (SD-Perimeter), are well suited to meet these next-generation WAN requirements. SD-WAN provides branch and mobile networks with secure, flexible and resilient connectivity utilizing a hybrid of wired and wireless Internet broadband links, as well as legacy MPLS. For mobile users and IoT, SD-Perimeter is a host-based architecture that creates a “dark cloud” over the Internet to connect, isolate and secure mobile and IoT devices anywhere.

SD-WAN Growth Guide


The fact is that today, enterprises struggle with the cost, complexity, and operational tax associated with managing networks and especially WAN services. The consumer cloud model has been gradually seeping into the enterprise. It’s now normal to buy services such as presentation and communications for the cloud, using service such as Cisco’s Webex, Microsoft’s Lynx or Skype, and GoToWebinar. Enterprise network connectivity. WAN shouldn’t be any different. For this reason, a new category of services, known as Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), or cloud-delivered WAN, is expected to dominate growth in the market for enterprise communications services over the next decade.

Construction sites offices should not wait to get online

As temporary fixtures, construction site offices and marketing sales suites rely on access to their central databases and systems.  They require fast and secure connectivity from the start of the project build — yet wired line solutions can rarely meet this time-based objective and often result in months of costly delays between the project start and ‘Internet on’ date.

Connecting London's buses

London red buses are an iconic sight. They have been a part of the city's appeal for decades and are a constant reminder of London's colourful transport history. More than four billion journeys around the country's capital are taken by bus. In such a modern, connected city, this popularity demands a new, smarter bus system