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Q1 2017

Cradlepoint Introduces Next-Gen In-Vehicle LTE Routers

Cradlepoint extends its leadership in 4G LTE networking with the introduction of the COR IBR900 and IBR950 Series routers that will support a wide range of demanding in-vehicle and M2M/IoT applications.


  • First LTE routers in the world to offer the latest generation “Wave 2” gigabit WiFi (802.11ac)
  • Quad core processor can achieve near-gigabit operational speeds on both Ethernet and WiFi, and take full advantage of carrier improvements in LTE Advanced networks
  • Ruggedized and a range of features to support high-capability in-vehicle networks

The new routers also support our Extensibility Platform elements: Router SDK, COR Extensibility Dock, and ECM API.





Cradlepoint enhances SD-WAN offering with release of Firmware 6.3

Cradlepoint meets real customer needs with better reliability and availability, improved application experience, and enhanced security and supportability.


  • Smart WAN Selection (SWANS): Smart, automated failover when primary connection degrades
  • Automatic Quality of Service (Auto-QoS): Optimizes real-time (voice & video) application experience when network traffic congestion occurs
  • IKEv2 Support: Enhanced authentication with X.509 certificates, improved encryption policies & security, and mobility support
  • Enhanced Supportability: Better IPSec status reporting, Firewall Hit Counter, Support Page





Cradlepoint Adds New Analytics Capabilities to Enterprise Cloud Manager

New LAN Client Analytics enhance network visibility and provide insights to what is connected to your network and how your network being used.


  • Client Analytics: Visibility and management of usage by individual network client





Cradlepoint enhances Extensibility Platform offering

Build your custom solutions on Cradlepoint platforms


  • SDK — Extensible UI: Enhance your SDK with custom status page, or customize your WiFi hotspot landing page.





October Launch 2016

Cradlepoint Announces Support of FirstNet for Emergency Responders

Cradlepoint is first in the industry with FirstNet (Band 14 LTE) support across all routing platforms including emergency vehicles, mobile command centers, and fixed locations such as police and fire stations.


  • Supported across all purpose-built router platforms: vehicles, fixed locations (Police/Fire Stations), Machine to Machine, Failover
  • Modular modem enables deployment now, or field upgrades when FirstNet becomes available






Cradlepoint introduces Category 4 Modems for AER & ARC

Cradlepoint continues leadership in 4G LTE WAN connectivity with the introduction of high performance Category 4 LTE modems and lower cost for the AER and ARC product families.


  • MC400LP4: Modem module to enable all AER and ARC family products with Cat 4 modem technology
  • AER1600LP4: New AER Family product with embedded Cat 4 modem






Cradlepoint Introduces NetCloud Platform

Cradlepoint NetCloud is a new platform strategy that combines 4G LTE, SD-WAN and Cloud Services. The NetCloud platform now includes Enterprise Cloud Manager (network management) and NetCloud Engine (Network-as-a-Service) under one integrated platform.






Cradlepoint introduces NetCloud Engine (Early Release Availability)

The Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine (NCE) is a new cloud-based Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) that lets customers quickly and easily create a secure private network that uses cloud technology for connecting people, places and things.


  • Build and deploy secure virtual overlay networks in minutes
  • Reduce WAN cost and complexity
  • Protect from risks associated with BYOD






Enterprise Cloud Manager Adds New Analytics Capabilities

New WAN analytics enhance network management and provide deeper insight into network operations.


  • WAN Uptime Analytics: WAN uptime availability across all WAN interfaces





Summer Launch 2016

Cradlepoint introduces COR IBR600B Series & improves best-selling LTE enterprise routers

Cradlepoint continues leadership in 4G LTE WAN connectivity with the introduction of the COR IBR600B and IBR650B*, with better performance and features than our best-selling COR IBR600/IBR650 product line.


  • Embedded Cat 4 modems perform at higher speeds, support additional bands, and take advantage of carrier network improvements
  • SIM-Based Auto-Carrier Selection simplifies deployments and installations
  • Support for Cradlepoint’s Router SDK and COR Extensibility Dock


*COR IBR600B Series is currently only available in the US.




Cradlepoint introduces Platform Extensibility

Cradlepoint extensibility supports customization and integration to address more customer-specific needs.


  • COR Extensibility Dock: Enables additional modem, Ethernet ports, GPIOs, and redundant power
  • Fog Computing with Router SDK: Custom scripts running at the Network Edge (Open Beta)
  • Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) API v2: Integrate and build powerful custom applications and solutions leveraging ECM’s cloud data
  • Developer Portal: One-stop-shop for the Cradlepoint developer community. Supports Router SDK and API v2.
  • Innovation Partner Program: Enable and promote 3rd party solution integrations




New Firmware & Enterprise Cloud Manager Enhancements

New features and capabilities for in-vehicle networks:


  • GPS Enhancements: Send to multiple clients with a single rule
  • WiFi-­as‐WAN: Home station WiFi enhancements


New capabilities in Enterprise Cloud Manager to enhance network management:


  • Modem Data Usage Analytics: Optimize your data plans (available 9/1)
  • ECM Activity Log: Improved network visibility, insights, troubleshooting, and compliance
  • Diagnostic User Role: New permissions set for troubleshooting, help desk, Tier 1 support
  • Speed Test improvements: Easier deployments and network performance characterization




Spring Launch 2016

First to support LTE Advanced

Cradlepoint continues its leadership in 4G LTE WAN Connectivity. Cradlepoint products supported by LTE-A: AER Series of Routers, ARC CBA850 and COR IBR1100.


  • LTE Advanced modem technology enables improved speed and WAN resilience
  • Auto-carrier selection simplifies deployments and installations
  • Modular modems (MC400LP6) enable easy upgrade




Industry-leading Failover just got better

Cradlepoint again raises the bar on Cellular Business Continuity Solutions.


  • Enhanced failover/failback with In-line Failover and Modem Standby Mode
  • Out-of-Band Management capability extended to additional devices on the LAN




More efficient and robust networking for Mobile and Fixed Edge Routing

Cradlepoint adds new firmware and management platform features.


  • Advanced Routing protocols brings Enterprise routing to the network edge
  • New Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) features enable better network visibility and management
  • Home Station Fast Data Offload optimizes vehicle investments




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