CradlePoint CTR35 Support, Firmware, and FAQs - DISCONTINUED

This product is DISCONTINUED as of January 1, 2013.

CradlePoint CTR35 Knowledgebase

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  • Enables Internet access through 3G/4G wireless broadband networks, existing WiFi, or Ethernet-based data services (Cable / DSL / Satellite)
  • Supports most wireless data modems from the leading carriers (modem and service sold separately)
  • Special Feature: Use WiFi as a Data Source


  • Configurable: Designate the Ethernet port as “WAN Mode” and create a WiFi hotspot from a wired Internet connection. (Cable/DSL)
  • Passthrough VPN Connection Support: Enables a laptop with a VPN client to create a secure tunnel to corporate networks. (IPSec, L2TP, PPTP)
  • Network Failover Support: When using a wired internet source (DSL/Cable Modem) connected to the Ethernet port, the CTR35 will detect an Internet outage and switch to an attached 3G/4G data modem.
  • TIP: Use your CTR35 + 3G/4G modem to back up your home network when not traveling.


  • Wireless “N” WiFi  (802.11 b/g/n)
  • Up to 350-feet WiFi Range
  • Supports up to 16 WiFi Connections at a Time
  • Two WiFi Networks ( SSIDs ) (1 for owner / private  + 1 for guests / public )
  • Ethernet port to connect devices without WiFi


  • Secure WiFi with WEP, WPA, WPA2 and AES encryption
  • Prevent unwanted access to connected computers with SPI Firewall and Network Address Translation (NAT) Security features for safer internet access (URL filtering, traffic filtering, DMZ, virtual server, port forwarding)

Tech Specs

  • Wireless “N” WiFi  (802.11 b/g/n)
  • Up to 350-feet WiFi Range
  • Supports up to 16 WiFi Connections at a Time
  • Two WiFi Networks ( SSIDs ) (1 for owner / private  + 1 for guests / public )
  • Ethernet port to connect devices without WiFi


Use a CradlePoint Wireless N Portable Router your way.

The CTR35 converts a 4G or 3G USB Data Modem into a secure 16-connection wireless network.  It can also use traditional Cable/DSL Ethernet-based modems to create ~350-feet of WiFi.  Or use existing WiFi to create a secure connection with an unsecure public hotspot.

CradlePoint routers are built to work with the most popular 4G/3G USB Modems from wireless operators such as:  AT&T, Bell Canada, Clearwire, Cricket, Rogers, Rover, Sprint, T-Mobile, Telus, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless (Alltel), & Virgin Mobile. See "Supported Devices" tab below for the current list of supported modems.



Below is a list of carrier-supplied modems compatible with the CTR35.

3 (SWE)

  • USB
    • Huawei E182E

3 (UK)

  • USB
    • ZTE MF112


  • USB (Tethered)
    • Huawei E220
  • USB
    • Huawei E368 [Force 4G]
    • Huawei E1815 [USB Connect 900]
    • Huawei E181
    • LG AD600 [USB Connect Adrenaline (LTE)]
    • LG Turbo LUU-2100TI [USBConnect Turbo]
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC930D
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC950D
    • Option iCON 461 [AT&T USBConnect Velocity]
    • Option iCON 322 [AT&T USBConnect Quicksilver]
    • Sierra Wireless Compass 888
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard 875U
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard 881U [USBConnect 881]
    • Sierra Wireless Compass 885 [USBConnect Mercury]
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U [USB Connect Momentum 4G (LTE)]
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard USB 305 [USBConnect Lightning]
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard USB 306
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard USB 308 [Shockwave]

Bell Mobility (CA)

  • USB
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC547 [U547 Turbo Stick]
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC998D [U998 HSPA+ Turbo Stick]


  • USB
    • Sierra Wireless 250U [CLEAR 4G+ USB (Series S)]


  • USB
    • ZTE A605

Orange (UK)

  • USB
    • Option iCON 515M

Rogers (CA)

  • USB
    • Nokia CS-18 [HSPA+ Rocket Mobile Internet Stick - Nokia CS-18]
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC950D
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard USB 306
    • ZTE MF668 [ZTE MF668 HSPA+ Rocket Mobile Internet Stick]
    • ZTE MF636 [ZTE MF636 Rocket Stick]


  • USB
    • Franklin Wireless U600
    • Franklin Wireless U301 [Sprint 3G/4G USB ModemU301]
    • Franklin Wireless S600C
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC760 [Sprint U760]
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U
    • Sierra Wireless 250U [3G/4G USB Modem 250U]
    • Sierra Wireless Compass 597U [Sprint 597 USB Modem]
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard USB 598 [Sprint 598U]
    • Ubee PXU1901

T-Mobile (UK)

  • USB
    • ZTE MF637U

T-Mobile (USA)

  • USB
    • Huawei E366 [Jet 2.0]
    • Huawei E181 [T-Mobile webConnect USB (UMG181)]
    • Huawei E1831 [T-Mobile webConnect Rocket USB]
    • Huawei E1691 [T-Mobile webConnect Jet USB (UMG1691)]
    • ZTE MF683 [Rocket 3.0]
    • ZTE MF691 [webConnect Rocket 2.0 HSPA+]

Tele2 (SWE)

  • USB
    • Huawei E398

Telenor (SWE)

  • USB
    • Huawei E1750


  • USB
    • Huawei E372


  • Wi-Fi (as WAN)
    • Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200
  • USB
    • LG VL600 [VL600 4G LTE USB Modem]
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC551 [ 551L 4G LTE USB Modem]
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC727 [Verizon USB727]
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC760 [Verizon USB760]
    • Pantech UMW190NCD [Verizon UMW190 Global Modem]
    • Pantech UM175
    • Pantech UMW190VZ [Verizon UMW190 Global Modem]
    • Pantech UML290 [UML290 4G LTE USB Modem]
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U

Virgin Mobile (U.S.A.)

  • USB
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC760 [Broadband2Go]

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