What's New

Q3 2017

Cradlepoint Unifies NetCloud Platform with New Updates

Cradlepoint updates key software elements to unify them under the NetCloud Services umbrella. 

  • NetCloud OS: Router firmware is named and elevated as a key pillar of the NetCloud Platform
  • NetCloud Manager: Enterprise Cloud Manager, the single-pane-of-glass management service for all Cradlepoint solutions, is renamed NetCloud Manager
  • NetCloud Engine: A Software-Defined Perimeter service offering dark cloud security

Cradlepoint Releases NetCloud OS 6.4

Cradlepoint updates router software for enhanced network security and configuration flexibility with release of NetCloud OS 6.4.

  • Auto-Tunnel: Easy-to-setup, resilient VPN tunnel between two Cradlepoint routers
  • Multiple PDN: Two networks on one SIM (multiple APNs on one SIM)
  • IPv6 Support: Improvements to Cradlepoint's existing rich support of IPv6

Cradlepoint Releases Secure Cloud Management for LAN-Connected Third-Party Devices in NetCloud Manager

Cradlepoint leverages NetCloud Manager’s unique connectivity to enable secure cloud management for non-cloud-managed third-party devices, plus enhancements to Out-of-Band Management capabilities.  

  • Remote Connect LAN Manager: Secure cloud management for any LAN connected device with no setup; non-cloud managed devices are now cloud manageable
  • Advanced OOBM: Improved user experience, ease of use, and available to "view only" router permission users two networks on one SIM (multiple APNs on one SIM)
  • Secure Access to Local Router UI: Advanced troubleshooting and real-time router status

Cradlepoint Releases New Security Option & Expands Use Cases With New Management Features in NetCloud Engine

Cradlepoint continues to invest in NetCloud Engine to bring the advantages of dark cloud security (or of a software-defined perimeter) to customers who need to integrate IoT connections into corporate networks. 

  • Secure Internet Access on NetCloud Gateway: Enables simple end-to-end encryption for all traffic behind a NCE gateway
  • Multiple Cloud Networks per Account: Enables multiple cloud networks in a single NetCloud account
  • Member of Multiple Cloud Networks: Users can be members or administrators to multiple networks at different times