CradlePoint Routers Increase Referrals, Ticket Totals at RadioShack

Wired Up LLC RadioShack is generating more revenue, bigger ticket totals, higher margins and, most importantly, strong customer referrals by bundling CradlePoint Mobile Broadband Routers with new wireless data contracts.CradlePoint routers create a Wi-Fi hot spot that allows customers to share their wireless data connection with laptops, desktops and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices (like gaming consoles and wireless printers). Customers are happy because they get more value from their wireless data service. Wired Up RadioShack is happy because they ring up more sales and profits.

CradlePoint Routers Increase Customer Referrals, Ticket Totals, Margins

Wired Up LLC Enhances the Value of Wireless Broadband Service Accounts by Attaching Air Cards and CradlePoint Wireless 'N' Routers to New Contracts

Wired Up LLC is a RadioShack dealership in Hastings, Michigan. Located about halfway between Grand Rapids and Lansing, the store serves a large rural and recreational area in the western part of the state. Owner Leon Toomey and his sales team offer wireless data plans from Alltel and Verizon.

Penetration of DSL and cable broadband in the area is low, so many residents were stuck with slow dial-up connections. Fortunately, broadband wireless service is available, and this has led to new sales for Leon’s store. However, customers still needed a way to share their new wireless broadband connection.

In the middle of 2008, Leon and his team started selling air cards and CradlePoint Mobile Broadband Routers. The CradlePoint uses the air card to connect to the Internet. It then shares that connection by creating a Wi-Fi hot spot that supports up to 64 devices or people.

“The CradlePoint router is great for us,” says Leon. “I cannot say enough good things about the product. Our customers are excited that they able to use an air card and a CradlePoint router to share their wireless data plan. It gives them a lot of value and flexibility.”
The reliable operation and value-add benefits of the CradlePoint routers have paid big dividends for Leon and his store: “We’ve been getting referrals and actually had people come to our store from Grand Rapids, Lansing and even as far away as Flint —that’s like an hour away by car—just because we sell CradlePoint.”

Leon first discovered CradlePoint routers when a customer came into the store looking for a way to share his wireless data connection. Leon did a quick search online and found CradlePoint routers. “Based on the reviews I saw, the CradlePoint routers seemed to be the best,” recalls Leon. “We sold that first one, it worked well, so we kept on selling them. Now, we always try to bundle an air card with a CradlePoint with each new wireless data plan.”

“The Wireless 'N' router helps us close sales we might not normally get,” reports Leon. “For example, people will tell us that they don’t want an air card, they only get a good signal in one room in their house, like an upstairs bedroom. We tell them that instead of being stuck using their laptop in that room only, they can put the CradlePoint with air card in that room, and then use their laptop—and other computers and Wi-Fi devices like wireless printers—anywhere in the house thanks to the router's Wi-Fi network.

Another example: CradlePoint was running a rebate program a while back. We told customers they could save on an air card and CradlePoint bundle. Instead of putting off the decision, they’d buy right then and there to get the deal. We’re also selling CradlePoint routers to customers who buy laptops. All in all, selling the routers makes my store more of a one-stop shop where customers can get everything they need.”

“If you’re selling wireless data products and NOT selling CradlePoint solutions with them, you are missing out on a lot of revenue, customers and referrals,” reports Leon. “Out of the approximately 180 air cards we’ve sold over the past 12 months, 69 people have also purchased an CradlePoint router.  That’s at least an additional $14,000 in revenue we wouldn’t have had. And it’s probably more than that. A number of times, people who weren’t interested in an air card changed their mind when we told them how they could use one with the CradlePoint to share their wireless data connection. ”

  • Value. “For customers, the CradlePoint makes their wireless data service a lot more valuable,” Leon notes. “For us, we get higher ticket totals and more customer referrals. It’s a win-win for everybody.”
  • Reliable. “We’ve had great success with CradlePoint routers,” says Leon. “We’ve had a lot of support calls about configuration problems from customers who have purchased other brands of wireless broadband routers. But with CradlePoint, we’ve had no complaints. It just works. Our sales people love selling it.”
  • Performance. “Air cards often provide faster throughput and better performance than a smart phone alone. Combine that with the range and performance of the CradlePoint router’s ‘N’ Wi-Fi technology and customers get a really good broadband experience.”
  • Support. “We have our own technician on site,” reports Leon. “He opens each new CradlePoint box that comes in and updates each unit’s firmware to ensure that our customers have a seamless experience right from the start. Whenever he has needed help, CradlePoint support has been extremely responsive. They go out of the way to make sure our customers have a great out-of-the-box experience.”

Leon sums up his thoughts about selling the CradlePoint Wireless 'N' Routers: “Actually, I’d like be the only RadioShack dealer selling it. It helps me differentiate my wireless data service offerings and it brings customers into my store that might go to competitors or even other RadioShack stores. It’s got a good price for retail, it’s easy to sell and customers like it. The happier the customer, the more people they’re going to tell. That’s good for business.”