Embrace your LTE and 5G horizon today


High-performance LTE and 5G

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade to LTE or a jump to 5G, Cradlepoint’s industry-leading cellular broadband routers and adapters provide a clear path to the next generation of cellular technology — enabling scalability not just for this year, but for many to come.


Centralized management for fast deployment

Widespread router refreshes are much easier and faster through a centrally managed, cloud-based platform. Enter, Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager. Use zero-touch deployment features and robust configuration tools to get your project done at the speed of your business.


Comprehensive data security through one solution

Data security needs differ from one organization to the next, especially with IoT constantly being integrated into existing network architectures. Cradlepoint’s enterprise-grade routers and vast integrations with cloud security services put your IT team in control.

Ready to look toward the 4G and 5G horizon?

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