5G Technology

5G isn’t just a fatter pipe. More than any other cellular generation 5G offers greater performance and services through a diverse collection of enhanced technologies, new spectrum, and advanced infrastructure. Further, where past generations focused mostly on consumers and phones, 5G addresses a much broader user base such as businesses, governments, and first responders.

To best serve these organizations, 5G will not only offer significantly better download and upload speeds but will deliver much lower latency and new capabilities like network slicing and multi-access edge computing. Organizations can customize their services based on needs and carrier availability.




3 Services

The 5G NR standard offers three categories of services. Most focus on the enhanced mobile broadband service that promises to deliver up to 10X speeds of 4G LTE and will rival most wired WAN services. However, the 5G NR standard has also been designed to provide ultra low latency for applications from autonomous driving to robotics to health services. With the well-recognized explosion of the Internet of Things the 5G NR standard has built in the ability to handle massive amounts of lower-power low bandwidth sensors and devices.

Business Implication: Organizations should deploy 5G with an enterprise-class platform to manage all endpoints within the WAN edge with wireless-specific utilities and analytics.

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3 Spectrum Bands

Unlike prior wireless generations, 5G is far more than one type of spectrum. There are three spectrum bands that 5G will use: 4G LTE (including Gigabit-Class LTE), Sub-6 GHz, and mmWave. Each category of 5G spectrum has unique characteristics and tradeoffs. Most important to know is the tradeoff between propagation and performance in each spectrum band. The low spectrum bands have high propagation but lower performance characteristics, while high spectrum bands have low propagation but greater performance characteristics. Many believe that for business applications, the mid-bands area is a sweet spot that mitigates the tradeoffs between propagation and performance.

Business Implication: Organizations should procure WAN and LAN solutions today that will be “5G ready” as carriers begin to roll out new technologies into an organization’s area.

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Varied Infrastructure

Because each spectrum band has different radio properties, the towers and antennas vary accordingly. In the low band spectrum, the infrastructure and placement are relatively similar to current 4G deployments. In the mmWave range, towers are shorter, discrete, and more densely placed. The antennas are designed for short distances and use techniques like beam-forming to overcome propagation shortfalls. Yet other antennas are designed to support new technologies like massive MIMO that produce greater capacity out of the same spectrum. Enterprise-class endpoints will use technologies that incorporate these technologies to optimize business connections.

Business Implication: Organizations should know that the physical placement of 5G adapters is crucial in a 5G world. Utilities such as smartphone installation applications will be essential.

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Applications Can Be Deployed Where They Fit

As 5G is built out across the major spectrum bands there are many high-broadband applications that can be deployed now. Gigabit-Class LTE has the bandwidth to run applications from agricultural autonomous driving to all-traffic failover. As the rollout advances, the Sub-6 and mmWave bands in the diagram below will expand outward offering exciting opportunities for organizations.

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Learn More — The 5G for Business Guidebook

The full promise of 5G will not be realized without knowledge and deliberate action. The more you learn, the more you can exploit the opportunity of 5G.

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