Pathway to 5G Workshop

In-Person, Consultative Workshop on 5G Networking Strategies

The Next-Generation of Networking is 5G

5G is one of the most anticipated technologies of the 21st century. It has the potential to disrupt how we communicate and live. It opens the possibility of truly freeing work from being bound by location and of bringing unprecedented levels of connectivity to areas that have had limited options.


Connection density:
Enabling more efficient signaling for IoT connectivity.


Traffic density:
Driving network hyper-densification with more small cells everywhere.


Network efficiency:
Optimizing network energy consumption with more efficient processing..


The question raised by many organizations is how, and when, they can take advantage of 5G technology and how will it change their current business and technology plans. Because 5G, like all new technologies, is simultaneously expansive and disruptive. It may change your company’s fundamental business model by changing how you deliver products and services. It may leave you open to competitors that have harnessed the power of 5G performance and agility, or it may change your technology roadmap and cause you to rethink investments made today and in the next few years.

Cradlepoint is offering a personalized half-day, in-person, consulting workshop to help your organization understand and begin to develop strategies that take into account 5G. The workshop organizers are seasoned telecommunications veterans from the largest US wireless operators, who have participated in the 5G working groups, and have been involved in early 5G network trials.

Attending this workshop will help you:

Learn what 5G is and what services major carriers are going to introduce
Understand the schedule for 5G rollout by major carriers and the plans of supporting technology providers
Dive into some primary use cases for 5G and ideate around ones that may apply to your organization
Gain insight into 5G pricing and how it compares with fixed, 4G LTE, and Gigabit LTE
How to best engage with your carriers on the topic of 5G
Develop a clearer picture of how 5G fits within your existing technology and business roadmap, plus how it will impact your network design
Understand the pathway to 5G, and how it relates to, and coexists with, Gigabit 4G LTE, including 4G versus 5G comparisons
Determine what you should know, a year from now, and in the long term to prepare for 5G


If you are responsible for your organization’s long term strategy around service delivery, customer service or technology, then understanding and taking advantage of 5G may be critical to your future success. Take advantage of this opportunity for a customized, in-person workshop from industry experts and leave confident that you have the insights you need to make informed decisions about 5G.

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