An Android-Powered CradlePoint Router

Posted by CradlePoint Technology on June 02, 2010

While CradlePoint has not officially added Android phones to our supported list of devices (don’t contact CradlePoint’s support folks because they will tell you it is not supported and will not be able to help you), as you can see it works and works well.

Android and CradlePoint 3g 4g Wireless Router used for mobile hotspot
Shown is the HTC Incredible on Verizon’s network. Simply connect the Incredible to a CradlePoint router (PHS300 shown) and turn the unit on. The Incredible will show the “connection” screen, then select “Mobile Broadband Connect” and click “Done”

Why, you say? Doesn’t the Incredible work like a hotspot already? Well, the range, security and number of devices you can connect to the Incredible’s Wi-Fi is limited.  By tethering it to a CradlePoint router, you get all the functionality of a router, better Wi-Fi range and better battery life.


Full disclosure, you will need to be on a data plan that supports tethering (Contact your carrier for rates and availability) and you’ll need the latest firmware for your router. See for the latest firmware releases for all CradlePoint products.