Everyone's Blog in All from July 2013

When Cisco Needs a 3G/4G Router, They Use the Best

Cisco Live events were created to showcase the best and most innovative solutions in the networking world.

It's not just about the content of Cisco's presentations – the medium is the message. They have to provide a flawless networking experience. (Starbucks convention with bad coffee? Hewlett-Packard presentation with faded printouts?)

Saint Lawrence Gridiron Delivers Gourmet Food Truck Cuisine Using 3G/4G Connectivity

If there's one thing Saint Lawrence Gridiron owner and chef Brian Garrett knows how to do, it's how to cook up innovative, gourmet food from the back of a truck. Brian specializes in crafting a menu that changes frequently and follows very few rules with one exception: the food must pair well with bourbon and beer. You can find the big, orange Saint Lawrence Gridiron truck plying the streets of Boise, ID, dishing out delicious food to long lines of hungry patrons. This means they need to be ready to serve their customers and accept credit card payments no matter where they park the truck. To accomplish this, Brian uses a Cradlepoint 3G/4G wireless networking solution with a mobile USB modem to create a 4G hotspot that powers his connectivity needs. Now he can bring his truck to any event and not have to worry about turning customers away who didn't think to bring cash

Can Your Router Take the Heat?

We have a tradition of winning "bake-offs" against other routers: companies will pit the Cradlepoint COR against competitors' routers and expose them to extreme temperatures. The Cradlepoint devices always win. Our products have also consistently fared well in high temperature locations including Las Vegas and Phoenix for companies like YESCO.

Leading the 3G/4G Networking Field

While most focus in the tech sector these days centers in and around the cloud, people still need the networking solutions to get there. That's where Cradlepoint has found its niche. With our leadership position in the field of 3G/4G wireless technology, we've been able to provide businesses the solutions they're looking for to achieve their connectivity goals. This has fueled a tremendous amount of growth to meet the demands of an ever-evolving communication ecosystem, and Cradlepoint is rising to the challenge.