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How Do You Guarantee Network Performance and Security at the Edge?

Let's face it. For distributed enterprises, establishing and maintaining fast and secure networks at the edge is no easy task, especially in a world where hackers are more sophisticated than ever, and greater demands are being placed on the network for high performance and bandwidth. Today's branch locations process highly sensitive data but don't have onsite IT to perform hands on system monitoring to watch for attacks or connectivty outages. ......

Constant Improvement Constant Innovation

I talked in an earlier post (Creating More and Better Customer Connectivity Options) about how Cradlepoint works hard to give our customers numerous connectivity choices. We’re also making improvements to the physical router hardware to make sure our products deliver durable, business-class performance. These improvements include metal construction, shock and vibe ratings, extended temperature and humidity ranges and rack mount kits. We’ve combined these improvements with the ability to centrally control our devices through NetCloud Manager.

NetCloud Manager + Universal Modems Means Fewer Truck Rolls

Cradlepoint has led the industry by making it very easy for our customers to choose their cellular carrier by virtue of our routers supporting “plug-n-play” modem technology. Customers can also change their modem (and carrier) to reduce their data costs or improve their connection or service level. This flexibility allows companies to take advantage of the competitive swings in the cellular market and change carriers when necessary to obtain the best combination of price and signal strength for each of their office locations.

Creating More and Better Connectivity Options

I work on Cradlepoint’s hardware side and one of the trends we're working on is to expand the number of ways our devices can provide customers with broader networking solutions. One example is the way we've improved our WiFi performance. We now cover both spectrum bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz) with higher transmit power and “11ac” speeds. We also do quite a bit of work to make sure our WiFi and embedded 3G/4G capabilities perform well without interfering with each other.