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Part 3: Cradlepoint + Zscaler Defeats Specific Security Threats

In Part 1 of this series (Part One: Why are Branch Offices so Vulnerable?), I looked at some of the reasons why branch offices are so vulnerable to data breaches. In Part 2, (The changing face of malicious attacks), the topic was the new forms these attacks are taking. In Part 3, I’d like to talk about how the solution Cradlepoint has developed with Zscaler defeats these new attempts to access corporate networks.

Police Cameras Demand In-Vehicle Connectivity

As part of a renewed focus on law enforcement accountability and safety, President Obama petitioned Congress for the funds to buy more than 50,000 body cameras for police agencies nationwide. This represents a $75 million allocation for the lapel-mounted body cameras, and additional funds for hardware to support video capture, storage, and analytics.

Part 1: Cradlepoint Partners with Zscaler to Defeat Emerging Security Threats

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For any company, the ability to securely connect to the Internet and corporate networks is an essential part of everyday business. Security is even more critical, and often much harder, when a company’s business is transacted through hundreds or thousands of branch offices or remote locations.

To protect the entire enterprise, management must make sure that their branch office staff members, as well as their customers, do nothing that might compromise overall security.