Everyone's Blog in All from August 2015

IoHT Challenges & Opportunities

The Internet of Healthcare Things is transforming the way medical providers promote healthy lifestyles to the well and diagnose and treat the sick. The benefits of IoHT include a reduction in the cost of care (and thus the potential to slow down the rate of medical premium increases), a healthier general population, better outcomes for the sick, and the ability of older people to receive care in their homes instead of at the hospital.

Introducing a New Cradlepoint R&D Blog


Cradlepoint started as a router company. Over time we evolved to be a router company and cloud solutions company. Today Cradlepoint has a Research & Development (R&D) organization split between these two functions: one group dedicated to extending the capabilities in our routing platforms, the other group dedicated to building highly reliable, exceedingly scalable, secure cloud applications. Today I will focus on our cloud platform, delivered as Software as a Service (abbreviated in the industry as “SaaS”).