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Series: Wired to Wireless Connectivity is Changing the World - Part 3

Wearable Tech

As I dive further into the technology world, I'm seeing a few Internet of Things (IoT) technology trends that are taking over the fashion world. The newest fad of wearables seems to be here to stay and is transforming our interaction with technology. In this blog I will discuss some of the wearables on the market today and how they are being used.

Katrina Underscored Importance of 4G LTE Connectivity During Emergencies

Hurricane Season

When natural disasters strike — and they do, in various forms, all year long — every person and group views the devastation through a different lens. When Hurricane Katrina destroyed huge swaths of the Gulf Coast 10 years ago, Cradlepoint had a unique lens: we were asked to help keep companies and communities connected at a time when communication was essential.