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FAQs About NetCloud Manager, Part of Cradlepoint NetCloud

NetCloud Manager (NCM), Cradlepoint’s cloud-based network management platform, is different than any other tool on the market. NCM helps IT teams achieve better reliability and reduce the overall cost of managing networks. Because of this, we receive many questions about how NCM works and what’s possible through the platform.

Right-Sized LTE Redundancy With SIM-Based Auto Carrier Selection

Carrier Redundancy

For most enterprises that leverage 4G LTE connectivity, carrier redundancy — the ability to switch to a different carrier’s network quickly if an outage happens — is a must-have. While many of those companies use our dual-modem routers for carrier redundancy, in certain situations that is not the most cost-effective option. With a Cradlepoint router and modem with Auto Carrier Selection capability, all you need to do is insert a SIM card, plug in the router, and you’ll be up and running.