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Series: How to Maximize Your Peak Selling Season Blog 4

Pop-up retail store in city center

In this fourth part of the blog series, "How to Maximize Your Peak Selling Season," we will take a closer look at pop-up stores. Specifically, we’ll examine: why so many retail enterprises have made pop-up/mobile stores central to their corporate strategies and where consumers are likely to find them, and the unique problems pop-up stores pose to corporate IT departments.

Industry Groups Coordinate Cyber Threat Information Sharing

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Last fall, Cradlepoint CSO Kent Woodruff wrote a blog post about Adam Shostack’s theme for his opening address at 2014 BSidesLV. Shostack spoke at length about “information sharing as the ultimate act of self-preservation.” The exponential rise in criminal intrusions into public and private databases in the recent past has precipitated the creation of a number of information sharing organizations by both the private and public sectors.

Part 1: Cradlepoint Partners with Zscaler to Defeat Emerging Security Threats

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For any company, the ability to securely connect to the Internet and corporate networks is an essential part of everyday business. Security is even more critical, and often much harder, when a company’s business is transacted through hundreds or thousands of branch offices or remote locations.

To protect the entire enterprise, management must make sure that their branch office staff members, as well as their customers, do nothing that might compromise overall security.

Tame that POODLE: Managing the Latest SSL Vulnerability

Last week the OpenSSL project released an advisory that describes a new SSL vulnerability. Now commonly known as “POODLE” ("Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption"), this vulnerability is less dangerous that its predecessor, the Heartbleed bug—primarily because of the conditions needed to exploit it (see below).