Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager Series: Monitor Network Health in Real-Time

Part 2 of 4

In my previous post (Making Large-Scale Deployment Faster, Easier, Simpler), I talked about how Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager gives you the tools you need to quickly deploy large numbers of devices to distributed locations. In this post I’ll talk about how NetCloud Manager makes on-going management of your networks easier as well.

Let’s say that you’ve fully deployed those 6,000 devices I mentioned in my last post. Now the challenge is to stay on top of the network, to make sure that it’s healthy, stable, compliant and secure.

The big news here is that Cradlepoint has enhanced NetCloud Manager to provide you with enhanced WAN analytics—and delivers them to you in real-time.  A lot of network management solutions on the market involve varying amounts of delay. Ours doesn’t because we know that if you can’t tell your key network device has gone down until 20 minutes after it happened, then you know who will: Your customers, and that’s just really bad news all the way around.

With Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager, you get this kind of information within seconds, with the screen displaying green, yellow, or red to indicate the real-time status of each device on your network. The minute one of your devices goes offline, you know.

You can also monitor things like real-time signal strength for your carrier. Knowing if your strength is waning can give you time to figure out another way to connect. You can see the firmware status of a device. If the device isn’t running the most current version or if something has happened with the firmware upgrade, you can tell right away and restart the update. You can also monitor data usage over the past 30 days at the account, group and individual device level. This is useful to ensure you don’t incur unexpected data overages from your carriers.

Then, on the network interface of the device, NetCloud Manager shows you your SINR and CINR to give you more insight into signal strength and quality.

And since no one really wants to stay glued to their monitor 24 hours a day, NetCloud Manager enables you to set alerts (such as data usage, WAN status change and failed login attempts) so you stay on top of things when you’re away from your desk. More about this in my next post.

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