Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager Series: Network Alerts Give You Peace of Mind

As I said in my last post (See Your Network in Real Time), when you’re a network manager it’s helpful to be able to stay tuned in to any problem that might pop up—even when you’re away from your desk. That’s why we make it easy for you to monitor your network the same way you probably monitor a lot of other things: by creating alerts.

NetCloud Manager enables you to create multiple alerts, set the frequency at which they’re sent out, and choose the email address they get sent to. Being able to stay tuned in like this is a big help when you’re trying to maintain a PCI-compliant network.

You can create an alert to let you know if someone has changed a configuration, or if there was a failed login attempt. You can find out right away if someone is trying to hack your network, or to do a brute-force or denial-of-service kind of attack.

You can also set alerts for firmware upgrades, NetCloud Manager connection state, or data cap thresholds. That last one is really helpful when one of your devices, for no apparent reason, goes rogue and starts chewing up data. This one alert can help you conserve money for your ongoing business management. You know right away if you’re suddenly using 10 gigabytes of data when your plan is only 2 gigabytes. Getting an early warning enables you to adjust your plan to avoid overage charges.

Hand in hand with alerts are permissions. NetCloud Manager gives you the ability to see all of your accounts and users.  You can see who is at the top level and maybe give these admins full Administrative permissions. Maybe you have an East Coast group, a kiosk group, and a West Coast group.  You can break down each group into individual locations and give that smart admin at the store on 21st and Broadway Full Access rights. The one running the kiosks at that retail chain? Maybe he or she gets Read-Only rights until they’re fully up to speed.

It just depends on what level of trust you have in each person who reports to you. The point is that NetCloud Manager lets you assign permission levels on an individual basis.

In my next post I’ll talk about how we help you make sure the people who need to know what’s going on with your network are able to do so—even if they don’t live inside grids and spreadsheets.

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