Cradlepoint in Action: How do you Connect?

With our latest Cradlepoint in Action Facebook photo contest we challenged our customers to demonstrate how they connect, and they showed up.


There are reportedly 9 billion connected devices worldwide currently, and by 2020 there will be roughly 24 billion to 50 billion connected devices (depending on which report you read on any given day). While we mainly focus on large enterprise failover and M2M connectivity, we have customers that turn to Cradlepoint to connect their devices for many different applications. From road warriors connecting their personal devices for life on the highway to storm chasers depending on the Cradlepoint to keep them connected in order to save lives, 3G/4G mobile broadband is allowing the world to connect devices almost anywhere.

We are amazed by the stories we hear of customers using our products. Just some examples from our entries:

  • Covert surveillance
  • Hurricane preparedness with Internet failover
  • Mobile live DJ
  • Vigilante alligator surveillance


  • Instant network connectivity for the presidential inauguration
  • Connectivity for SXSW Samsung Galaxy Experience
  • Storm chasers (more than one)


  • Mobile bookmobile
  • Antenna remoting in Nicaragua because of volcano interference (yes, you read that right)

So to all our Cradlepoint customers, we love you! Time and time again we are impressed by your ingenuity and creativeness to solve problems with the use of mobile technology. Don’t stop sending the stories in: send us photos on Twitter or post on our Facebook page.