Redundancy and Diversity for Small/Medium Business (SMB) Customers

4G LTE and SaaS Enable Affordable Business Continuity

4G LTE and SaaS Enable Affordable Business Continuity

Guest Post by Randy LeBlanc, Business Channel Manager, Asavie

Business continuity and business resumption are just as critical for small/medium business (SMB) customers as large enterprise customers. Ask any IT manager and they will tell you they want a network that is completely redundant and diverse. But can they afford to implement that level of protection?

The answer is “yes,” if you choose a cost-effective Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud-based solution.

What is SaaS?

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a common-sense approach to computing and networking. The most common and cost-effective cloud-based service we have is the public Internet. Some people refer to it as the “dirty Internet” because of the risks associated with a shared public network. But the “dirty Internet” can be one of the best solutions for SMB customers to achieve redundancy and diversity.

SaaS services such as Cradlepoint Secure Virtual Private Network (CPSVPN) take advantage of the public Internet and the multiple Internet connectivity methods that are readily available. This SaaS merges the “public cloud” — the Internet — with a “private cloud” — CPSVPN network — to achieve a cost-effective, redundant, diverse and secure network. Additionally, it provides self-service network management controls through a private customer portal.

So, What’s New About This?

The short answer is there is nothing new about leveraging the Internet as a network. The SaaS uses trusted relationships such as Public Key Encryption and encrypted tunnels to take the dirty out of “dirty Internet.” CPSVPN enables businesses to leverage Internet services that wouldn’t have been suitable for older methods of VPN — no static IP required!

What is new is the “private cloud” service provided by Asavie. It is built into the firmware of the Cradlepoint routers. The ordering, provisioning, management, and billing are provided with one customer interface via the Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager.

The redundancy and diversity starts with the router itself. Cradlepoint devices have the ability to support two wide area network (WAN) interfaces. This allows the SMB customer to choose from multiple Internet connectivity methods (private line, DSL, cable modem, or cellular) providing path redundancy and diversity. They also have the option to select more than one carrier, providing additional carrier and network-level protection.

The service provides private IP addressing, which allows SMB customers to use identical addresses for their primary and backup host sites.

It’s Affordable.

If you are a SMB Cradlepoint customer using NetCloud Manager, you can add CPSVPN service to a device for just $15 per month or $180 annually. CPSVPN provides SMB customers with a cost-effective path to their redundancy and diversity goals.

If you are interested in these services, we encourage you to learn more.