Why 'Exploitable' is the New Word for 'Smart' in the IoT

Security for IoT

As IoT Market Expands, Tech Companies Put Security at Top of Agenda

Guest Post by Alan Wickham, Network Systems Specialist, Asavie

There are few experts who would dare deny that the Internet of Things represents THE biggest growth market opportunity for tech companies in the immediate future. The ubiquity of "smart" devices such as phones, TVs, cars, industrial and domestic devices has increased exponentially and has driven a demand for connectivity unlike anything that has been seen this decade.

However in the rush to meet the market demands, some product and service providers risk ignoring security and are taking shortcuts, as evidenced by several recent high-profile hacks. I like the way Mikko Hypponen over at F-Secure coined the phrase “exploitable” as the new word for “smart” in the Internet of Things; it really exposes the problem posed by this world of connected devices.

Such is the concern for IoT security that it even prompted the FBI to issue a public service announcement on Sept. 10, 2015 warning of the risk IoT brings to cybersecurity. The number one suggestion in this PSA to help secure against cyberattack via IoT was to "isolate IoT devices on their own protected networks".

Cradlepoint Secure VPN gives you a way to secure your IoT device, is cost effective, and is easy to configure and manage.

Cradlepoint Secure VPN gives you a way to do just this, in a cost-effective and easy-to-manage fashion. Instead of your IoT devices being on the unsecured Internet, they are now running on a network you control. With easily and instantly deployable access-list style rules, it is possible to permit and deny access to specific ports on one or many of your devices. Also, because each device is on a non-public RFC 1918 address, there is no possible way to access them from the internet.

Remote access to the devices is only available from networks running the Cradlepoint Secure VPN vCPE software. Any access to the Internet that the devices require can be directed via a proxy you control. No matter how poorly the end user manages the updates of the device, you can control the data flow.

With this level of control, in the unlikely event you discover an attack vector, you can kill it before it becomes a headline.

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