4G LTE Expands Public Sector Productivity

Wireless WAN Enables In-Vehicle Connectivity, Failover, and More

The rapidly expanding use of technology — both mobile and stationary — in Canada’s public sector presents IT managers with unique challenges and opportunities. These network professionals are called upon to balance the need for cost savings with continual efforts to improve how their agencies use innovative technology and applications to serve the public.

Increasingly, these factors are leading public sector IT managers to 4G LTE as a logical, cost-effective choice for wireless WAN — involving a variety of applications.

At the GTEC public sector technology forum taking place Oct. 19-21 in Ottawa, there will be discussions about the most popular ways Canadian agencies are expanding productivity through 4G LTE networking solutions.

In-Vehicle Connectivity Expands Service On the Go

From police cruisers and ambulances to metro and school buses, mobile connectivity through 4G LTE is revolutionizing the way public sector entities go about their business.

Public safety — Always-on broadband connectivity can literally save lives by enabling body cameras or allowing officers to file reports from the field instead of from the main office. Also, tools such as Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager enable remote fleet management that can enhance staff productivity and greatly reduce time and money costs.

Mass Transit — Reliable public WiFi gives passengers the chance to work or recreate while they ride. According to a 2014 report, 54.4 percent of mass transit passengers regularly engage with personal technology during their commute.

Schools — Buses with WiFi for students are extending learning beyond the classroom during long trips. Also, in-vehicle video cameras can be utilized to monitor bullying and potential safety concerns.

Wireless WAN Failover Ensures Business Continuity

From a department of motor vehicles branch that accepts credit card transactions to a law enforcement headquarters that is entrusted with citizen safety, every public sector organization needs uninterrupted connectivity. If and when there’s a disruption in wired Internet connectivity (in some areas this happens several times a month), agencies are finding that 4G LTE networking solutions can ensure essential business continuity.

Wireless WAN failover automatically and immediately provides the nonstop connectivity necessary to conduct operations efficiently when the primary connection goes down for any reason.

Digital Signage and Beyond

Whether they’re in a retail store or enjoying public parks and recreation, modern-day families are looking for an interactive experience. The proliferation of mobile devices, kiosks, and digital signage has opened the floodgates to the expectation of constant connectivity.

Public sector organizations have unique opportunities to leverage wireless connectivity — for instance, public WiFi in camping grounds and user-friendly kiosks in visitor centers. 4G LTE makes it all possible in flexible, scalable fashion.

Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness are Vital

When downtime isn’t acceptable, but neither is a bulging budget, 4G LTE is a well-proven option. Solutions such as Cradlepoint’s 4G LTE platforms offer “four nines” uptime, through an array of carriers, that’s also less expensive than most wired alternatives. Data pooling and other tactics help agencies control their costs.

The ways that Cradlepoint lowers total cost of ownership including replacing satellite, radio, and cable; making equipment easy to install and manage; and enabling IT departments to manage up to thousands of devices from a centralized location.

Responsible spending of taxpayers’ money is top of mind in the public sector, but so is reliable connectivity, which enables a wide variety of applications important for both safety and general leisure and well being. Let’s watch as the world continues to find new ways for 4G LTE to improve communities.