7 Best Gift Ideas for SysAdmin Day

SysAdmin Day

SysAdmins Deserve Recognition For Keeping Enterprise Networks Running Efficiently

While it may not be on the general public’s radar screen just yet, we think the annual SysAdmin Day (this year on July 29) is one of the most important holidays around. After all, system administrators are experts who keep this increasingly connected world up and running, even amid seemingly endless technology and user errors.

Of course, during the busy summer months, it can be difficult to finish up that SysAdmin Day shopping list. Here are seven of the best gift ideas for a SysAdmin:

Use something other than your birthday as your network password. — We know, we know; it seems like an uncrackable code, but research shows that passwords should be a tad more complex.

Don’t open any more emails from Nigerian princes. — It doesn’t matter how much money he says his country needs within the next 10 days. He is lying.

Place your coffee cup more than 2 inches away from your laptop. — When spilt coffee infiltrates expensive, complicated machinery, bad things happen. Very, very bad things.

Submit a Help Desk ticket. — As interesting as it may be to watch a SysAdmin's head spin like a top as employee after exasperated employee approaches his desk, it's probably more prudent to just go ahead and use the predetermined, purpose-built request tool. Your SysAdmin's health and well-being may be at stake.

NetCloud Manager. — Cloud-based remote network management is the gift that keeps on giving time and money. When you give SysAdmins cost-effectiveness, they light up like it’s Christmas morning.

The finest headset money can buy. — You KNOW the SysAdmin is going to be on the phone all day, putting out proverbial fires and preventing future ones.

Stop calling it “My Internet.” — When you lose connectivity, it doesn’t mean “your Internet” went down. It belongs to all of us.

Overall, the best gift for a SysAdmin this year is end-user education. It’s tough to wrap, but it’s mighty important. Happy SysAdmin Day!

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