How Does VoIP Compare to VoLTE?

VoIP vs. VoLTE

VoIP Provides High QoS While Maintaining Carrier Independence

When choosing a unified communication service for your enterprise, it’s important to understand the differences between Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Voice Over LTE (VoLTE).

VoLTE is delivered through an LTE network, encapsulating all voice communication over IP and then sending it over an LTE WAN. This carrier-controlled setup, typically deployed via phones as endpoints, provides excellent Quality of Service (QoS).

VoIP differs in that it is carrier independent. Rather than running through an LTE network only, VoIP will run over any IP network. For examples, many enterprises run VoIP by using LTE through a Cradlepoint router — utilizing either the Internet or their company’s Intranet.

There are many best practices available that enable enterprises to deploy VoIP and attain a QoS close to what VoLTE provides — without being carrier dependent.

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