M2M and IoT Improve Holiday Experience for Retailers, Consumers

M2M and IoT Improve Holiday Experience

4G LTE & Technology Engagement Streamline the Holiday Shopping Experience

The continuing explosion in M2M (machine-to-machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) applications and devices promise to make the upcoming holiday season even more high-tech, hands-on, and consumer-friendly than the last one.

In a variety of ways, wireless devices and technologies are changing the way retailers and consumers experience the holidays.

Magic Mirrors and Social Shopping

Shoppers will stop in their tracks when they run across Intel’s Memory Mirror, coming to a luxury fashion store near you. These high-definition wireless monitors with cameras enable shoppers to stand in front of a mirror and record themselves as they model clothes.

Once the mirror records an action, shoppers can replay the video to see themselves in 360 degrees, compare one video side by side with another, and change the color of the displayed garment just by pressing a button.

The Magic Mirror is one of the many emerging technologies that retailers are implementing to enable social shopping. The Memory Mirror allows consumers to share their video files with friends and ask for advice. They also can join online social shopping sites to review products, join communities of customers with similar tastes, and create wish-list carts with favorite items automatically added.

Tracking Customer Location

Today’s shoppers expect omnichannel, multi-screen experiences from retailers. According to the UK’s Digital Marketing Magazine, the average consumer uses a total of five devices when making a purchase, compared to just 2.8 devices in 2014. They want meaningful, relevant, and personalized content to appear on their screens, no matter where they are — and now retailers can accommodate them.

Indoor-positioning technology enables stores to pinpoint a shopper’s location to less than 3 feet. With this information, stores will be able to send tailored messages to shoppers as they pass through store departments. Data-driven insight into each consumer’s buying habits will tell stores exactly what kinds of ads will appeal to each person.

At the same time, advanced in-store TV networks powered by Internet protocol television will enable retailers to individually program monitors to target ads by day, time, and aisle, and then provide detailed ROI data.

Emotional Analytics to Better Serve Customers

Blogger Chris Riddell wrote recently about the potential of Emotional Analytics to improve retailers’ ability to accommodate shoppers. With wireless cameras throughout stores, businesses can receive detailed information about what goes into buying decisions.

“Imagine for a moment that, by using a combination of Bluetooth proximity and [Facial Recognition Systems], you could first of all identify your customers when they entered your store,” Riddell wrote. “Then you had the opportunity to identify the emotions they felt as they walked through your store.”

IoT Modernizes Classic Holiday Traditions

David Wagner wrote for AllAnalytics.com about the IoT Thanksgiving of the Future, featuring refrigerators that order extra food and display recipes (stored in the cloud) on the door, food processors that recognize vegetables and chop them to the right size, and recliners that know who is sitting in them and adjust firmness and contours automatically.

When purchasing holiday meal ingredients, wireless smart shopping carts such as IBM's Shopping Buddy and Springboard Network's Concierge are available in some locations to streamline the process. These devices enable customers to keep a running tab by scanning products as they shop, see what's on sale in the aisle they're in, search for products, pay, and leave without waiting in line.

When it is time for guests to arrive for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and more, wireless controls can personalize home lighting to create just the right ambience. Choose the right color or shade of light for reading, relaxing, and dining. If you’re going out on the town, these systems can make even your neighbors think you’re actively moving around your home.

The IoT could even extend to the football field — another holiday mainstay — where uniforms filled with sensors could monitor potential injury areas, concussions, body conditioning, hydration, chemical balance, etc.

From in-store WiFi to improved customer data, more consumers and retailers are using 4G LTE, M2M, and the IoT to improve the holiday experience.

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