New Mobile Connectivity Solution Tailored to Europe

I am very excited to announce that Cradlepoint introduced our new COR IBR1100 at the 2014 Euro Bus Expo, held 4 – 6 November 2014. The goal of Euro Bus is to highlight innovation in passenger transport—which makes it the perfect place to introduce this new series of compact, ruggedized 3G/4G/LTE mobile networking solutions.

Dual SIMS perfect for the Continent
The IBR1100 is one of the first solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of European users. One of its key features is the presence of dual SIMS. Unlike in the U.S., where a handful of cellular carriers provide network connectivity across thousand of miles, each European country is served by its own carriers. Vehicles that travel between countries must be able to seamlessly switch from one carrier to another. Our dual SIM card design enables vehicles to automatically make this switch without losing connectivity.

Fully ruggedized, with latest-gen AC/LT technology
Building on our previous transportation-focused solutions, Cradlepoint has fully ruggedized the IBR1100, adding stronger shock, vibration, humidity, and temperature protection.

The device has an IP (ingress protection) rating of 64, making highly resistant to dust and splashing water.  It is designed to run in extreme environments from -30 to +70 degrees C/-22 to +158 degrees F. If the device gets too hot or too cold, it will start shutting down services and send an alert via Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager or a router-based email. It has an on-board temperature sensor, along with bigger cooling fins to dissipate heat, and is designed to function within a DC voltage input range of 9-36V.

The IBR 1100 also features dual-band concurrent WiFi with the latest generation of AC technology, broadcasting on both the 2.4-gigahertz and 5-gigahertz spectrum, and it is equipped with an integrated 3G/4G modem, providing the most recent LTE technology.

Parallel networking for built-in redundancy
A configuration we will be promoting at Euro Bus is the use of two IBR1100 devices per vehicle. Taking advantage of each device’s three Ethernet ports, one IBR1100 will manage all driver-related activities such as digital signage, driver tablets, credit card readers, surveillance cameras, and GPS tracking. The other device will provide passenger WiFi.

The dual-device configuration creates a parallel networking solution in which the passenger WiFi unit will automatically failover should the driver unit go down.  This provides seamless connectivity—and built-in redundancy—for all mission-critical functions.

Cloud-controlled for buses, coaches, blue-light service vehicles
Since we launched our business in Europe in June of this year, we’ve seen strong adoption for transportation applications. Cradlepoint is quickly becoming the solution of choice for government organizations that need in-vehicle networks to connect buses, coaches, and blue light services including police, fire, and emergency services—as well as other transportation-type applications. Our cloud-managed solutions enable these organizations to scale deployments quickly and manage their vehicle networks easily in real time.