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Cradlepoint, Axon & Others Tell Lawmakers About Digital Transformation Among First Responders

By Kevin Johnson and Dane Surkamer

Recently, we were given the opportunity to present on Capitol Hill, alongside Axon and Microsoft, to members of Congress and the Federal Law Enforcement Caucus. The purpose of the meeting was to educate those in attendance about 21st Century technology within law enforcement. We are grateful for our partnership with Axon, which helped make this event possible.

With an audience of U.S. leaders, we were able to explain the vast potential of 4G LTE beyond smartphone and tablets. It was a key opportunity for lawmakers to explore the many ways wireless WAN is being used in vehicles, branch offices, retail stores, kiosks, widely distributed IoT devices, and many more use cases. 

Our biggest takeaway from this meeting is that Digital Transformation is not only happening at the consumer and branch level, but it is taking a strong hold within our first responders. Today, the mobile environment within public safety is drastically changing. Secure 4G LTE connectivity and high bandwidth are a must for the applications that keep our first responders safe and more efficient while on duty. 

Today’s first responder vehicles and mobile command centers feature “smart” everything, with as much automation as possible. Necessary devices include ruggedized computers and tablets that support computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems, pinpoint GPS, license plate readers, and body-worn and on-board cameras. Most if not all of these applications are cloud-based and need reliable WAN for data transfer to the cloud. With public safety at stake, the security of this data is of the utmost importance.

In the case of Axon and Evidence.com, the video content from the Axon Fleet System and body cameras is uploaded and securely stored within Microsoft Azure. Cradlepoint’s ruggedized in-vehicle routers provide the multi-carrier 4G LTE connectivity necessary to ensure first responder applications can perform as designed. Older WAN sources such as 2G/3G and satellite are not efficient enough for these data-rich applications. NetCloud Manager, which is provided with each Cradlepoint solution package, gives the agency and/or IT remote access to the routers. This ensures the cars do not need to come off the street for a firmware update, configuration changes, or other router troubleshooting.

From Capital Hill to communities large and small, the presence of technology in law enforcement is difficult to ignore. These men and women make sacrifices every day on the job to keep our streets and communities safer. Here at Cradlepoint, we are investing in public safety and partnering with the industry’s best to make these brave men and women’s jobs easier and safer.

Kevin Johnson is a senior channel solution architect and Dane Surkamer is a senior enterprise channel sales manager at Cradlepoint.

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