Cradlepoint Unveils rugged cloud managed 4G LTE solution for commercial vehicle WiFi and Network Connectivity

Cradlepoint has gotten a great deal of interest in its COR IBR600 series router from companies with commercial vehicle fleets. All across the U.S. city buses, police cars, executive coaches, rescue, and school buses are using Cradlepoint technology for mobile network connectivity and WiFi.

We’ve gotten so much interest, in fact, that we are announced a new mobile router at the APTA Expo in Houston on Monday, Oct 13. The new COR IBR1100 series boasts a long list of features that make it the perfect solution for the mobile environment.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night
Building on the COR IBR600 design, Cradlepoint has fully ruggedized the IBR1100, adding stronger shock, vibration, humidity, and temperature protection. The device has an IP64 (ingress protection) rating, which means that it is highly resistant to dust and splashing water (you can spill a drink on it and it will continue to function normally).

Along with cooling fins to dissipate heat, the IBR1100 also has an on-board temperature sensor. We've designed these devices to run in extreme environments (from -30 to +70 degrees C/-22 to +158 degrees F), but if it gets too hot or cold  it will send an alert to that effect through Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager or a router based email.

Latest, Greatest in 3G/4G LTE
The IBR1100 has dual-band dual-concurrent WiFi with the latest generation of AC technology, broadcasting on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrum simultaneously. It features an integrated 3G/4G LTE modem, so you get the latest and greatest LTE technology across all North American Carriers. And it comes with three Ethernet ports so you can connect other devices to it (digital signage, monitors, credit card readers, computers, etc.).

Smart Technology for Less-Smart Vehicles
We’ve also done a lot of work on voltage protection. Vehicle batteries are dirty power supplies: when you turn the vehicle on or off and when an alternator is running, you can get voltage spikes or drops that damage electronic equipment. The new IBR1100 has a wider input range, as well as transient and reverse-voltage protection. If the voltage temporarily spikes, the device will continue unaffected.

Built into every IBR1100 is active GPS support and powered antennae specifically for GPS tracking—should you want to keep track of the location of each vehicle.

The Case for Ignition Sensing
The IBR1100 also has “ignition sensing” so that the device can know whether a vehicle is turned on or not. Using NetCloud Manager (or locally), you can set your fleet devices to automatically turn on when the vehicle is turned on—and set a timer on each device to keep it running for a certain amount of time after the vehicle shuts off.
Ignition sensing, a couple of strong business use cases:

  • If your vehicles are being used to make deliveries, drivers can reach their location, turn off the vehicle while they make the deliveries, then restart the vehicle without having lost GPS data; the devices never stop broadcasting WiFi, but don’t drain the vehicle batteries if left unattended for long periods since the device will automatically shut off.
  • Your vehicles may collect data as they travel that they don’t need to upload immediately and don’t want counted against the 4G data limit – such as surveillance video or telemetry. By setting the IBR1100 to continue running for a few minutes after the vehicle is turned off, you can use the WiFi-as-WAN to connect to the headquarters WiFi to upload all of your heavy data—without having to return to the vehicle to turn the device off after 10 minutes or forgetting and draining the battery.

Secure and Safe for Kids
The IBR1100 has all the advanced security routing protocols on it: VPN endpoint termination as well as advanced routing protocols such as OSPF, BGP, and RIP. It also has cloud-based content filtering and security and integrates with Zscaler for CIPA (Children Internet Protection Act)-compliant filtering. If you're interested in putting the IBR1100 on school buses, the IBR1100 gives you a way to securely manage Internet access.

We’ve also beefed up SIM security. Each SIM card has a data plan attached to it. If someone stole a SIM, they could plug it into their device and use your data bandwidth.

Central Control, Gobi™ & Flexibility at a Great Price
Like its predecessor, the IBR1100 can also be managed through the cloud using NetCloud Manager to manage power usage, send alerts, manage updates, fix bugs, and more.

It also has Gobi™ software-defined radios. If, for instance, you buy a Verizon version of the device, its software can be changed to Sprint or AT&T, or to generic for T-Mobile and Canada (with our December 2014 planned update, you will be able to make this change through NetCloud Manager).

If you are responsible for putting network connectivity and/or WiFi into a mobile commercial fleet, we hope you will see the benefits of using the COR IBR1100 to get the job done. We’ve listened hard to our customers to build this new device that we think provides all the functionality—and then some—to make mobile networking easy to install and to manage.