Security at the Network Edge is a Year-Round Endeavor

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Cradlepoint Offers Security Features That Help Protect Branch, Mobile & IoT Networks

Our first Cradlepoint Security Week has come and gone. We had some great conversations, learned a lot, and enjoyed sharing what we know about security at the network’s edge with you. When we planned this weeklong conversation about network and data security, we didn’t know how it would turn out, but it has exceeded our expectations.

It is obvious that the security challenges our networks face is a hot topic — popular among Cradlepoint customers and partners. As you work to securely connect vehicles, branches, IoT devices (even green walls), and other endpoints over wired broadband, LTE, and eventually 5G, we hope Cradlepoint Security Week has provided you some good food for thought.   

Companies that are using Cradlepoint NetCloud solutions for enterprise-class connectivity that want to enhance their security capabilities should consider the NetCloud Advanced plan which, across branch, mobile, and IoT, includes most of the key security features we have discussed this week. Boost your network security with a NetCloud Advanced trial or buy it directly in the new NetCloud Marketplace right inside NetCloud Manager.  If you need help adding the NetCloud Advanced plan to your account, we can help you here

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