Connectivity Anywhere, Anytime – Scale Computing Uses Cradlepoint

Case Study Image

There are many ways to get people interested in your product or service. You can hook them into your site with some good SEO, meet them on social media—maybe even advertise to them. But one of the most enduringly popular ways is to meet prospective customers in person.

Scale Computing helps companies simplify their virtualization infrastructure by combining storage, servers, and virtualization into a single hyper converged “HC3” platform. This single platform can then be used to run virtual machines in a highly available environment.

Scale has found through experience that potential customers understand the company’s value proposition better when they can see live demonstrations of its HC3 platform. It has built a number of mobile “data-centers-in-a-box” that can run entire infrastructure for display at trade shows and other industry events.

By installing Cradlepoint [ARC MBR1400]( routers into these portable data centers, Scale is able to demo its virtualization solution, and do so at a fraction of the cost of using trade show-provided Ethernet connections.

“When people see the actual HC3 product and how simple it is, the light bulb goes off,” says Scale Computing co-founder and CTO Jason Collier. “They realize that the infrastructure they might spend days - if not weeks building to run virtualization can be created very quickly using our solution. Within ten minutes of set up, we can start deploying virtual machines off of a web browser. Cradlepoint enables us to show them that speed and simplicity, which is huge.”

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