Distributed Enterprises Learn to Prevent Damaging Network “Pivots”

Last year enterprise security experts discovered that, once hackers are able to break into less protected monolithic network segments, they can quickly “pivot” to access segments that contain valuable information. The result has been catastrophic for some of the biggest names in retailing.

In an interview yesterday with SIP Trunking Report (Cradlepoint's Parallel Networking Solutions Offer Security and Flexibility for the Distributed Enterprise), Cradlepoint VP of Business Development Ken Hosac explained how hackers used this “pivot” tactic to breach one major retailer.

“With the Target credit card breach,” Hosac said, “hackers came into the Target system by compromising an HVAC vendor’s laptop, got their login credentials, were able to get into Target’s core network, then do a pivot attack to find the Point-of-Sale devices.”

Hosac describes how distributed enterprises now use Cradlepoint to create Parallel Networks that prevent such pivots by creating physical separation between networks at the branch-office level. Read the full article by Laura Stotler, SIP Trunking Report Contributing Editor here…