4G on the Move: Wireless Networks in Transportation

4G on the Move

Reduce Costs by Running Your Organization More Efficiently

Originally posted on Cradlepoint EMEA LinkedIn by Hubert Da Costa, Vice President, EMEA, at Cradlepoint, Inc.

My colleague Matt recently published a blog about the benefits of offering customer WiFi within retail locations and restaurants, but what’s the state of play for those industries and services that are constantly on the go?

Customers want to stay connected all day, every day, especially when they’re using public transportation, and there are a multitude of situations where constant connectivity is even more critical, for example in the emergency services.

There are plenty of really exciting opportunities that arise when we explore some of the hardware and software that can be used to run a mobile networking solution. By simply adding a 4G LTE router into a vehicle, alongside an application to manage the network (such as our NetCloud Manager) you can expect to reduce costs by running your business or service more efficiently and, in the case of the emergency services, assist with public safety.

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