Cradlepoint Connects Treefort Music Fest

Treefort Music Fest (think South by Southwest, except in the Pacific Northwest) was a huge success again this year as thousands converged to watch more than 260 bands perform in downtown Boise.


Because Treefort is an outdoor event, Ethernet connectivity would have been prohibitively expensive. Cradlepoint provided 3G/4G solutions for all of the following:

  • box office
  • press lounge
  • artists lounge
  • live audio streaming for Radio Boise on the main stage
  • main stage public WiFi
  • Alefort
  • merchandise tent


4G LTE is the fastest, best wireless connectivity option in the industry right now, but because it's also the most popular, the local LTE towers were overloaded when thousands gathered in downtown Boise for Treefort with their smartphones and other devices in hand. 

To ensure a strong enough connection for Treefort's needs, we hooked up additional modems with other technologies (e.g. WiMAX) and turned on load balancing so that our routers could intelligently determine the best signal. Easy to do with Cradlepoint because we support so many different modems and load balancing – impossible without Cradlepoint.