Mobile Library Bookmobile Serves Amish Community

Cradlepoint in Action Photo Contest

The Cradlepoint in Action Photo Contest was held March 1–April 12, 2013. We invited our customers to tell their stories of how they use Cradlepoint products, with the winners determined by votes on Facebook. We are in the midst of publishing some of their stories.

Technology for the Amish?

I'll let Jeremy Gaggins' entry do the talking (he works for a library, so I'm thinking he's more literate than me):

The Wayne County Public Library's Bookmobile is a rolling 'Mobile Library Branch' that makes over 80 stops across the county, circulating over 225,000 items last year. It spends most of its time in rural areas providing library services to small local schools and Amish communities without access to a nearby library branch. As most of the time is spent in areas that barely have cell service, we use a Cradlepoint MBR1400 router configured to load-balance between two Verizon cell modems. (That way, we hope, at least one modem stays connected should the other drop connection.) This allows us to run the bookmobile's three computers on the library network so we can check out books, place holds from the catalog, and access patron information while on the road.


According to these 2011 statistics, the bookmobile serves 21,732 people, 80 percent of whom are Amish.

The Wayne County bookmobile service began in 1940 (approaching 75 years!) and has a wonderful history of service. 

Wayne County Public Library bookmobile service began in 1940

While it was clearly able to operate without 3G/4G connectivity for many years, the Mobile Branch got a nice upgrade with a wireless mobile solution from Cradlepoint. It's a great example of technology enhancing, rather than replacing, established ways of doing things. The Internet will never replace the experience of flipping the pages of a real book, which goes to show there's beauty in the old ways.

Just ask the Amish.


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