Storm Chasers: "This system HAS to work, lives depend on it, that's why I use Cradlepoint" – Cradlepoint in Action Photo Contest

The Cradlepoint in Action Photo Contest was held March 1–April 12, 2013. We invited our customers to tell their stories of how they use Cradlepoint products, with the winners determined by votes on Facebook. Over the next few weeks we will be publishing some of their stories.

Extreme weather draws an extreme crowd … and Cradlepoint 3G/4G.

Storm chasers based in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Indiana all submitted entries to our contest, showing how they use Cradlepoint devices for connectivity in the most extreme environments.

Brandon Sullivan is one of the Tornado Titan Storm Chasers. "Our team travels across the country each year documenting the most incredible weather footage out there!"

Lonely House On The Prairie - Black And White Edition

Sullivan's entry in the Cradlepoint in Action Photo Contest fell just short of the overall winner (1741 votes to 1444 votes). His team attaches multiple data modems from multiple carriers to ensure that they'll have a signal wherever storms take them. They have multiple laptops and devices online for tracking the changing weather patterns and uploading photos and video that they gather out in the field. "Our Cradlepoint router expands our possibilities and is an incredibly valuable part of our operations!!"


Keith Fronk, another storm chaser and top vote-getter from the contest, began chasing storms long before Cradlepoint was around. Recent technology advances have dramatically altered the way his team approaches storms.

Storm Chasing has been a passion of mine since 1985. In the "old days" the chase would start with a visit to the local TV or radio station or National Weather Service office to look over charts and plan the day's chase. Today information technologies put all that data in the vehicle in real time. Using Cradlepoint technology's mobile router system we are not only able to see real time RADAR and conditions but we can also live stream video of the event to warn others of the dangerous storms and potentially save a lot of lives! This chase season we are upgrading to the COR IBR600 to take advantage of full 4G connectivity. This system HAS to work, lives depend on it, that's why I use Cradlepoint.


Bryan Kilgore and his team also use a Cradlepoint router combined with multiple carriers to chase the most extreme storms. "We combine the three major networks to give us the best coverage and bandwidth to broadcast our live high definition video to thousands worldwide. We have six HD cameras mounted on the truck that run through two servers that encode them and put the video live to our website."


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