Cradlepoint Continues Commitment to Supporting First Responders by Hosting Technology Workshop with Western Fire Chiefs Association

Wildland Fire

First Responders and Networking Experts Collaborate for Improved Public Safety Operations  

Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G Ready wireless edge solutions, hosted an all-day wildfire technology workshop with the Western Fire Chiefs Association (WFCA). Cradlepoint is dedicated to delivering solutions to first responders and the public safety space that improve efficiencies and safety. Put on by WFCA, the workshop focused on the continued collaboration between the Western fire service, technology leaders, and federal to meet the continual growing threat of devastating wildfires. 

WFCA represents fire service leaders in the western States and western Pacific Islands focused on developing and supporting the work of fire service organizations in order to protect people and the environment, and Cradlepoint is honored to assist in this initiative. Collaborative events like these emphasize the importance of first responder efficiency as well as engaging other agencies on the benefits of adopting new technology and in building inclusive systems.

As technology is interwoven into public safety daily operations, it is important that there are open and earnest discussions with those having a role in building, managing, and deploying this technology. By engaging with the members of WFCA, particularly those on the Technology Working Group, Cradlepoint offers its expertise as a part of the solution to help WFCA achieve their goals.

Collaborating and planning with groups like WFCA not only helps its members learn more about emerging technology but also helps Cradlepoint build a deeper understanding of public safety technology requirements, providing invaluable information to develop the right products and solutions.   

“A lot was learned during the WFCA technology workshop held at Cradlepoint headquarters,” said Mark Niemeyer, Fire Chief of Meridian Fire Department and WFCA board member. “Many fire departments are going through a digital transformation in order to meet the changing landscape of challenges we face. This is especially true in the wildfire arena where situational and operational awareness are critical.  Cradlepoint is a technology partner helping to meet those challenges, and we look forward to working with them in the future to help keep firefighters and our communities safe.”

You can learn more about the Western Fire Chiefs Association wildfire initiative here:

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