Creating More and Better Connectivity Options

I work on Cradleoint’s hardware side and one of the trends we’re working on is to expand the number of ways our devices can provide customers with broader networking solutions. One example is the way we’ve improved our WiFi performance. We now cover both spectrum bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz) with higher transmit power and “11ac” speeds. We also do quite a bit of work to make sure our WiFi and embedded 3G/4G capabilities perform well without interfering with each other.

We’re also using more powerful processors with additional memory so we can provide higher throughput and greater security. While a lot of companies are moving to the Cloud, some continue to express concern about the availability and security of Cloud connections. If, heaven forbid, their cloud service were unavailable, perhaps due to an attack, these companies still need secure networking to maintain their business. Our strategy is to provide persistent Internet connectivity with a sufficient level of security built into our routers. For example, they can use any combination of wired, cellular or even WiFi as their WAN source. And if their WiFi is unsecured, their Cradlepoint router will make it secure. Customers can share bandwidth across these various WAN connections, or use just one and, if it is interrupted, automatically and quickly switch to another. Customers can prioritize their connection choices to minimize their data costs and get much higher up time with much lower cost of service.

Things never sit still in the world of network technology. By constantly innovating and building strong relationships with our industry partners, vendors, and the carriers, Cradlepoint enables our customers to solve problems now—and future proof their network connectivity.