4G Creates a Firm Foundation for a Secure and Agile Network

Originally on the Internet World Blog, 06-11-2014

Common among today’s business leaders is the topic of agility and the need to stay ahead of the competition. But naturally, as the conversation moves from C-level executives to the ones responsible for implementing so called “agility” the conversation shifts. It shifts from discussing the benefits that include cost savings, greater return on investment and greater efficiencies to the challenges of bringing those benefits to fruition. Regardless of market sector, the challenges typically relate back to the foundational technology, its ability to adapt, and for today’s IT professional, a myriad of security concerns.

2014 will be recognized as the year of the Internet of Things (IoT). The evolving concept and benefits of the IoT movement are the catalyst for much of this conversation and the angst of most IT professionals. How do companies that service a vast clientele and collect personal information support the Internet of Things in a way that improves the customer experience in a secure manner? Most companies want to gain the agility and benefits of a connected environment, however their legacy technology infrastructure can’t keep up with today’s hackers, making it tough to deploy a scalable network that is secure.

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