Cradlepoint Joins Non-Profit Cloud Security Organization

Cradlepoint recently announced that we’ve joined the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance), a not-for-profit organization that helps promote the use of best practices for security within cloud computing. As we noted in our press release, our participation within the alliance aligns our cloud-based management solution, NetCloud Manager, with an industry-accepted security framework.

With more and more companies moving to cloud computing to support their distributed locations and improve operations, NetCloud Manager has become a very popular solution. It allows enterprises to deploy, monitor, and manage their networks from one central location, which makes their IT operations more efficient, saves money, and allows them to quickly push new functionality to branch offices and stores.

With increased use of cloud-based services comes a greater need for impeccable security. With this in mind, last year we hired industry security veteran, Kent Woodruff as CSO. We have also adopted a number of key industry standards that are a part of the CSA Cloud Control Matrix.

Specifically, Cradlepoint will look to the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) as a security framework, providing fundamental security principles that align with Cloud Security Alliance guidance in 13 distinct domains. The CCM framework was built based on industry-designed security standards, regulations, and control frameworks. It provides the needed structure, detail, and clarity relating to information security—tailored to the evolving cloud ecosystem.