Saint Lawrence Gridiron Delivers Gourmet Food Truck Cuisine Using 3G/4G Connectivity

If there's one thing Saint Lawrence Gridiron owner and chef Brian Garrett knows how to do, it's how to cook up innovative, gourmet food from the back of a truck. Brian specializes in crafting a menu that changes frequently and follows very few rules with one exception: the food must pair well with bourbon and beer. You can find the big, orange Saint Lawrence Gridiron truck plying the streets of Boise, ID, dishing out delicious food to long lines of hungry patrons. This means they need to be ready to serve their customers and accept credit card payments no matter where they park the truck. To accomplish this, Brian uses a Cradlepoint 3G/4G  wireless networking solution with a mobile USB modem to create a 4G hotspot that powers his connectivity needs. Now he can bring his truck to any event and not have to worry about turning customers away who didn't think to bring cash.

"My Cradlepoint wireless router is rad! Seriously, it's the best on the market," Brian told me when I asked him how his experience with Cradlepoint has been. "I've tried other routers and they constantly needed to be rebooted or had trouble communicating with my modem. It was a constant headache. Since switching to Cradlepoint, I haven't had to worry about losing connectivity, which lets me focus on my food."

We recently got to see (and taste) Brian's work in action. He brought his truck down to our headquarters in Boise for the launch party of our latest product, Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager. It's always nice to see our products helping businesses succeed, but Brian's amazing food made the experience that much sweeter. If you're looking for a great food truck in Boise, I definitely recommend Saint Lawrence Gridiron. Be sure to try the poutine!