Series: Wireless Connectivity is Changing Our World - Part 2

Drone in a field

Unique Ideas for New Innovations with 4G LTE Connectivity

The exponential increase of use in wireless connectivity technology can at times be overwhelming or surprising. In the wonderfully creative way humans can be, innovative use cases are popping up all over the news. This blog examines many non-conventional ways 4G LTE is transforming how we live and do business.

Drones: The Controversial Little Bot

For example, Amazon has made the news recently for their new plans for the use of delivery drones. They are not the only company finding uses for these controversial little bots.

Below outlines innovative uses of drones transforming our modern world:

Farmers: Drones have been economically efficient and time saving within the farming industry. They help check on crops for weather damage or to spot weeds. Trying to avoid the burden of the heat and hiring a crew on a helicopter, farmers are still fighting the Federal Aviation Administration.

Beer: An outdoor rock festival in South Africa figured out a way to increase sales and keep customers happy. A delivery drone that drops beer with a parachute. Customers order a beer from their smartphone and a few moments later their beer quite literally flies in.

Champagne: Las Vegas is famous for its party scene and copious amounts of money spent. Now, a $20,000 spent comes with the addition of a drone delivering your champagne bottle service at the Marquee day club inside the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino. Similar to the concert in South Africa, alcohol will fall from the sky at a moments notice.

Wedding proposal: Looking for ideas to pop the question? Look no further than the latest technology. This soon-to-be husband had a drone video tape and deliver the ring to his now fiancé. Let’s see who can top that!

Government documents: Dubai officials are planning on using drones to deliver government documents. Retina and fingerprint scanners to verify the correct addressee ensure that the documents stay secure and do not fall into the wrong hands. Dubai has the advantage of zero regulations such as the ones the FAA puts forth, so document delivery may be seen within the next year.

Filmmaking: With each New Year comes new technology that makes the movies more exciting and realistic. Getting that perfect shot and angle is always a difficult task for filmmakers. Drones enable the camera to get a close up in difficult surroundings or get that 360-degree view. With inexpensive plans including drones, that money saved could be used for other purposes. More pyrotechnics perhaps?

Sports: Sporting teams such as UCLA football have been using drones mainly for analytics during practices. This helps players and staff adjust plays for spacing and placement on the field. Drones can achieve an angle that other pricey cameras could not. Along with analytics, drones have been used to provide stunning footage for promotional and entertainment to the fans.

Wireless Connectivity Powering the Future

Unique ideas for new innovations are coming to the surface all over the world. A couple of those ideas make us wonder where we could be seeing technology next? It is apparent innovations are constantly materializing and evolving. Drones are definitely a part the future, whether it’s for business purposes or to take the dog on a walk. It is fascinating to see how drones and other wireless connected technology power the future and and are a catalyst for change worldwide.