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Cradlepoint Helps Mobile Applications Strengthen the Efficiency of Public Safety & First Responders with Always-on Network Connectivity

Mobile apps strive to make people’s lives easier and better. We can run, cook, and shop more skillfully than ever, just with the help of a newfound app. Mobile apps are extending their reach to first responders, from apps focused on mental wellness, records management, emergency call systems, map-based modules to strengthening resilience.

These cloud-connected mobile applications on smartphones, tablets, and Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) make it easier for first responders to do their jobs. These tools allow them to spend more of their time in the communities they serve instead of behind a desk.

This is all dependent on a strong, secure network connection. As the industry leader in cloud-delivered 4G LTE network solutions for business, service providers, and government organizations, Cradlepoint helps to make technologies like mobile apps for first responders faster and more efficient.

Mobile Application Communication Channels

There are a number of ways that first responders can access valuable mobile apps.  For example,, the Association of Public Safety Communications Officers (APCO) Application Community, provides an array of apps that may be used to assist with scenarios, such as tracking the location of a first responder or speeding up response times. 

APCO is the world’s largest organization of public safety professionals and supports the largest U.S. membership base of any public safety association. APCO leaders support the welfare of the public by extending expertise, professional development, and advocacy to educate public safety communications professionals.

To ensure that all the apps are safe and effective, they must meet the application standards developed by APCO, which include security, privacy, and data and battery efficiency.

Mobile Communication Technologies

With this increase in data being transferred among first responders out in the field, a reliable communication network is required to assure the success of the applications, provide them with more information, make response times faster — and ultimately keep communities safer.

Advancements in a variety of Internet-enabled public safety communications technologies help first responder organizations achieve enormous gains in personnel safety, time-to-response, triage, and remediation or treatment.

Examples of Mobile Communication Technologies Used by First Responders

First responders depend on digital and connected technologies to help quickly provide life-saving assistance, the following are some examples of real-world mobile app use cases.

  • Some apps are literally lifesaving, for example, if someone in a public place needs CPR, one app finds the location of the closest AED.
  • There is an app of a database of information on hazardous substances.
  • Another app is a calculation tool for figuring out discharge pressure for firefighting pumps.
  • One app is designed as a notification prompter for volunteer firefighters that provides important information such as a description of the emergency call to a map tied in directly to the navigation system, making it quite valuable.

APCO International’s Annual Conference

Visit Cradlepoint at APCO International’s Annual Conference & Expo in Las Vegas from August 5th – 8th, at booth #1543, to learn about the benefits of a reliable network connection as first responders begin to bring more devices into public safety environments.  APCO allows public safety communications professionals of all kinds to meet for educational sessions, committee meetings, special events, and exhibits.