Actionable Security Insights are Key to Protecting the Network Edge

Network Security Dashboard

Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager’s New Security Features Make Key Analytics Easy to Digest

Since it’s Security Week here at Cradlepoint, we felt it only appropriate to talk about the new security features we’ve recently added to NetCloud Manager (NCM).

If you thought NCM was built solely to help you deploy and manage your Cradlepoint devices, think again. NCM is rich with visibility and analytics dashboards that show easy-to-read visual displays of information about how your endpoints are doing in terms of cellular health, traffic, client data, data usage and, you guessed it, security

Security features aren’t new to the NetCloud Service, but we’ve added new functionality to make security information more visible and actionable. For example, the web filtering power of CP Secure Web Filter is now visible in NetCloud Manager so administrators can see the big picture of security across the network. This data includes information about what sites the filter blocked, what was considered a policy violation, and what sites it allowed. This generates a lot of data, but we managed to make it easy to digest while maintaining speedy on-screen performance.

From there, we implemented a new user-focused design to find ways to expose potential security problems quickly while allowing users to drill in for more details. The result is an easy-to-understand Security Dashboard you will find at both the Account and Device level.

During this project, our engineers went toe-to-toe with some new challenges that are key stepping stones to building robust new capabilities in the future. Some firsts are:

  • The first feature built using new user-focused design
  • The first feature to incorporate improved data analytics
  • The first feature to incorporate “big data”

Our new security features are available today with NetCloud Advanced plans. Current Cradlepoint users can activate security features now and start seeing blocks, policy violations, and allows after being active for 5 minutes. And, as part of Cradlepoint’s commitment to network and data security, we’re excited to announce that we’ve also recently added intrusion detection and intrusion protection (and made immediately available) in NetCloud Branch and Mobile Advanced plans.

Cradlepoint users without an Advanced plan can easily try these new features by initiating a trial in NetCloud.

The new security data in NetCloud Manager is part of a larger strategy of delivering tools and information that let you “see” what’s happening on your network with well-crafted visual displays of information. Over the next few months we’ll be bringing more information about displays and dashboards that provide actionable intelligence to help manage your network.

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