Part 4: Cradlepoint + Zscaler Defeats Specific Security Threats

In my last post (Part 3: The Rise of Intelligent Routing) I talked about how Cradlepoint and Zscaler work together to create “intelligent routing” for Internet security and application control. We call it intelligent routing because once you configure the Zscaler Internet security on the Cradlepoint router, it routes web traffic in a specific way depending on the site the users are trying to access.

Part 4: Zscaler + AER2100=Unified Threat Management

Unified Threat Management (UTM) provides layered security to combat the new forms that bad actors have developed to hack into corporate networks (see Part 2: The Changing Face of Malicious Attacks). As defined by the analyst firm Gartner Research, UTM consists of four capabilities:

When a company purchases Cradlepoint routers with CP Threat Management (IPS) and Zscaler Internet Security, they benefit from a Unified Threat Management solution that’s right-sized for distributed enterprise. The Cradlepoint AER2100 has the processing power to add Intrusion Prevention (IPS) to the mix and thus deliver complete UTM. (Cradlepoint recently launched security bundles on the AER 2100 platform, with promotional pricing to enable ordering these services with a single service SKU.)

Truck Roll not Required

Zscaler Internet Security, when combined with the AER2100 and Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager delivers powerful on-premise to cloud-managed security solution. The solution provides up-to-the-minute security—and it is scalable and agile. NetCloud Manager enables IT departments to deploy and add policies to specific routers or groups of routers to disperse locations worldwide from a single location.

Centralized control makes this a smart solution for distributed enterprises. Instead of having to do a truck roll for each branch office, IT can implement enterprise-wide Unified Threat Management from corporate headquarters.

Lower CapEx and OpEx

Cradlepoint’s approach to Web security is different. Other businesses that deliver network capability tend to go the route of adding hardware to filter traffic and perform security tasks—both at the branch office and the corporate head-end. Why should clients have to purchase and maintain stacks of hardware to provide security and protection when it can be done better in the cloud with a lower carbon footprint?

Our alliance with Zscaler gives us the cloud-based power to provide a very high-level of Internet security to all of our customers—and Unified Threat Management to those with the AER series. With a ‘pay-as-you grow’ services model, customers can lower CapEx and save OpEx.