The Whole Digital Signage Package on Display in Las Vegas

If there's one thing that defines customer engagement in Las Vegas, it's digital signage. From the moment you get off the plane at McCarran International Airport, digital signage is all around you, highlighting the biggest shows, best attractions and most popular night clubs. Behind the scenes, making these signs more effective and more intelligent are Cradlepoint's next generation, 3G/4G networking solutions. Below, Cradlepoint's Vice President of Sales Engineering, Todd Kelly explains at Digital Signage Expo 2014 how our solutions make customer engagement more effective.

Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager Series: Monitor Network Health in Real-Time

Part 2 of 4

In my previous post (Making Large-Scale Deployment Faster, Easier, Simpler), I talked about how Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager gives you the tools you need to quickly deploy large numbers of devices to distributed locations. In this post I’ll talk about how NetCloud Manager makes on-going management of your networks easier as well.

Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager Series: Make Large-Scale Deployments Faster, Easier, Simpler

Network managers face three main challenges in the course of their work: Deployment, On-Going Management, and Integration with Existing Systems. In my next four blog posts, I’ll discuss how Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager helps you centrally deploy, configure, and manage all of the Cradlepoint devices on your network.

WiFi, the Cloud and the Connected Experience at Retail's Biggest Show

At this year's National Retail Federation's Big Show, one of the main themes was how companies could create the Connected Retail Experience for their cutstomers. Our CEO, George Mulhern, explains how WiFi, the Cloud and Cradlepoint's solutions give retailers everything they need to achieve the Connected Retail Experience.

LTE + Cloud Computing + Mobility = The Internet of Things

In recent blog posts, we’ve talked about advancements in technology that are creating the “Internet of Things”—a paradigm where humans talk to machines—and machines talk to machines. Where each device is uniquely identifiable; where the interaction between people and machines creates unprecedented amounts of data, helping businesses run faster and smarter, people to live more comfortable lives, and human knowledge to grow.

King County, WA Brings 4G LTE WiFi to RapidRide Bus Riders using Cradlepoint Wireless Routers

A recent article in StateTech magazine (“Governments Roll Out WiFi in Libraries, Buses and Parks”) describes how King County, Washington is using Cradlepoint devices to deliver WiFi to passengers on 117 of its 60-foot RapidRide line buses—and using our Enterprise Cloud Management solution to remotely manage the devices.

LTE + Cloud Computing + X = The Internet of Things

In late November, Cradlepoint product manager David Rush blogged (“Is LTE the Winner? Follow the Money” and “Whatever Happened to WiMax?”) about how LTE appears to have won the race for the “wireless technology of the future.” LTE and two other changes in technology have combined to make wireless connectivity the intelligent choice for secure, reliable network access at distributed enterprise locations. The two other factors are:

The movement to the cloud of business-critical applications and services.
The rise of mobility as a key to gaining competitive advantage.

Got 4G-LTE Coverage? The Cradlepoint Suitcase Tells All

As I mentioned in my last post on 4G LTE, businesses have been adopting 4G LTE as an enterprise-grade network. One issue that should still be considered prior to rollout is coverage. Enterprises with distributed networks want to know if network access is available where their branch offices are located. It’s great that the carrier companies are aggressively building out their 4G LTE networks. But at the end of the day, is there coverage where the company needs it?