WiFi on School Buses: Rolling Study Hall Trend?

The education world is helping drive the cutting-edge 3G/4G technology movement: WiFi on school buses is starting to gain traction. School districts around the country are discovering that by installing the Cradlepoint COR IBR600, they can quickly and easily create a "rolling study hall" that is ideal for longer road trips, commutes to off-campus classes, etc.

Instant Network Solution Saves PANDORA Jewelry $50,000

As PANDORA prepared to open a new store in a Pennsylvania mall right before the critical holiday sales season, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) strike threatened to cripple their network. The store could not have opened without a quality Internet connection; delays would have been expensive:

lost sales
lost opportunity to build awareness moving into holiday sales
fines from the mall for not opening on time
fixed overhead costs that continue despite the closed store

"My Whole Boat is a WiFi Hotspot" – Cradlepoint in Action Photo Contest

The Cradlepoint in Action Photo Contest was held March 1–April 12, 2013. We invited our customers to tell their stories of how they use Cradlepoint products, with the winners determined by votes on Facebook. Over the next few weeks we will be publishing some of their stories.

Enterprise Routing Protocols: VRRP, STP, RIP, OSPF, and BGP

With the recent 4.1 and 4.2 firmware releases, we have bulked up our arsenal of advanced routing protocols, adding all of the following protocols to Cradlepoint COR and to the MBR1400 and ARC MBR1400:

VRRP – Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
STP – Spanning Tree Protocol
Dynamic Routing Protocols:
    RIP – Routing Information Protocol
    OSPF – Open Shortest Path First 
    BGP – Border Gateway Protocol

3G Wireless Internet Improving Education, Health Care in Haiti

One of the salesmen who sits near me likes to say that he's "saving the world, one router at a time …" He means it tongue-in-cheek, of course, because while things like business continuity solutions and really awesome 4G-powered digital signs are, well, really awesome, they aren't exactly curing cancer or eradicating poverty …