NRF 2013: What does the Next Generation of Retail look like?

We're at Retail's BIG Show, the NRF 102nd Annual Convention & EXPO in New York City, among 25,500 retail professionals. Between scoping out the techiest gadgetry, enjoying happy hour, spotting Cradlepoint solutions around the convention, and showing off the VE Connect at our booth, we've had a chance to explore the technology shifts and reflect on the future of retail.

Ironic? Huge Enterprise Presence at Consumer Electronics Show: International CES

The 2013 International CES, one of the biggest wireless shows in the industry, is in full swing. I'm here among more than 150,000 attendees that are swarming an area larger than 37 football fields; I logged 8 miles on my pedometer the first day. Over the last four decades, many of the biggest innovations in electronics debuted at CES, including:

video cassette recorder
compact disc player
plasma TV
Blu-ray Disc