Retail Associates and Customers Depend on Reliable Connectivity at the Network’s Edge

Retail Failover

The expectation of reliable connectivity is expanding, as is the requirement for network failover in the retail industry. This blog discusses the importance to prepare a cloud and Edge strategy that incorporates the flexibility and reliability of a network failover solution.

Rise of IoT in Retail Calls for Cloud & Fog Computing

Fog Computing Retail Network Edge

The rapid rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is shaping the way retailers serve customers and run their operations. It’s an exciting time, but it presents a unique challenge: The amount of data that will be generated by IoT devices in the retail sphere will grow exponentially faster than networks' ability to process it.

Expectation of Connectivity in Retail Drives New Network Requirements

Retail Failover

After what seems like years of hype about “omnichannel” or “connected commerce” in the retail industry, we are still constantly renaming and redefining the concept. Don’t expect it to go away quietly — as it’s necessary as technology advancements continue to drive changes in the experience demanded by customers. Perhaps the most significant change is the overwhelming expectation of constant connectivity.

Out-of-Band Management Now Available From the Cloud

Is there a better way to handle Out-of-Band Management (OOBM)? The concept of OOBM is not new. For years network engineers and architects have been building separate management networks. Whether it is through a management VLAN or dial-up modems, the concept is the same. How do I access my equipment outside of the data path? Console servers, serial aggregators and POTS lines have all been used in the past, and they all have the same challenges: cost, management, maintenance, etc.