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How to manage network security efficiently

Todd Kelly, Chief Security Officer, Cradlepoint, offers a variety of measures to keep your networks safe 

Network security needs are changing right before our eyes. Digital transformation is shifting workloads to the cloud, increasing mobile workforces, and expanding IoT footprints. From branch locations to in-vehicle networks and IoT devices, cyber attacks are becoming more advanced by the day. Today’s diverse network architectures and security needs make scalable solutions and flexible cyber threat intelligence essential.

Predictions for 2019, Part 1

2018 is coming to a close, and has been a year of continued growth in enterprise computing, with GDPR legistlation causing many to scramble for compliance, security and pricvacy scandles, development of 5G networking, and growth of connected devices and IoT.

We have reached out to a few big players in the industry to get some insights as to potential developments for 2019, lets see what they had to say:

How enterprises secure data during the digital transformation

In 2018, the Ponemon Institute reported the average cost of a data breach globally is almost $4m, and this number is only set to rise in 2019 as the risks of widespread IoT adoption become increasingly clear.  The dangers are great, but not as vast as the potential benefits of digital transformation.  Enterprises must implement the most comprehensive security plan they’ve ever needed to fully embrace the increasingly technology-dependent business landscape.