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SIP Trunking Report: Cradlepoint's Parallel Networking Solutions Offer Security and Flexibility for the Distributed Enterprise

The slew of recent big name security breaches has caused many retailers to pull back when it comes to their Internet connectivity. Giant retailers like Walmart that once had multiple points of access in each of their storefronts have yanked the plug, going so far as to kick third parties right off their networks.

Better Business Continuity and Parallel Networks

No wired connection can deliver 100% uptime so the question isn’t whether your business will lose connectivity to the Internet the question is how to protect enterprises from connection loss and disruption when it does happen. When cable, fiber, or DSL Internet service experiences a service disruption (in some areas this happens several times a month) the enterprise is exposed to risks of lost revenue, productivity, and customer experience issues. Upgrading to a more robust wired connection such as T1 line is an option that comes with a higher monthly cost.

Convenience Store News: Don't Get Breached

Originally in Convenience Store News, 10-14-2014, 
Written by Kent Woodruff

2014 started with a bang as the ramifications and breadth of Target Corp.'s security breach came to light. Word of many more breaches followed, including the latest: Kmart. Each breach is different. The Target breach revealed the challenges of maintaining a secure monolithic network within the changing retail environment, and the value of a sound wireless strategy at the point of configuration to create individual networks.

infoTech Spotlight: Cradlepoint Continues to Offer Secure Solutions at Distributed Enterprises

Originally on infoTech Spotlight, 09-05-2014
, Written by Ed Silverstein

Cradlepoint, a provider of 4G LTE wireless networking solutions for distributed enterprises, has announced Cradlepoint Secure Threat Management. It is an Intrusion Prevention Solution (IPS) integrated with its cloud network management solution called, NetCloud Manager.

Idaho Business Review: Cradlepoint is Adding Workers, Seeking More Space

Originally on, 9-4-2014
, Written by Brad Iverson-Long

Customers’ security concerns and expanded software offerings have helped Boise technology firm Cradlepoint grow in recent months. The company, which makes networking routers and software, has topped its previous hiring estimates and added 100 employees in the past 15 months with plans to continue hiring. It’s now looking for a larger space in downtown Boise for its growing workforce.